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Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL): Assessment Training Online (ATOL) Oral Proficiency Assessment Training Course

CAL now offers an online training course that teaches participants about oral proficiency assessment for students learning foreign languages at the secondary, post-secondary, and professional levels. The course also provides an introduction to CAL's Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) and Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument (COPI).

The Assessment Training OnLine (ATOL) course is a moderated, distance-learning course that uses interactive units to introduce teachers at the secondary and post-secondary level to oral proficiency assessment. Through weekly readings, assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, and live chats, participants will learn about oral proficiency assessment and the history and development of CAL's oral proficiency assessments.

Participants will also gain hands-on practice rating the oral proficiency of real student speech samples. This course is recommended for educators considering incorporating CAL's SOPI or COPI into their foreign language curriculum and are interested in learning more about these assessment tools.

This free course is usually offered annually or biannually when groups of approximately 25 are enrolled.

Please contact Elsa Fraser ( if you are interested in enrolling or to learn more about CAL's SOPI/COPI workshops and certification.

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