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American Association of Teachers of Arabic

Hedayet Institute is pleased to announce to students and colleagues:

  1. Arabic Total Immersion Study Abroad Programs and,
  2. 2slamic Studies Program: With al-Azhar Instructors’ Collaboration

Fall Term II, both 7 week programs above:
Program commences Nov. 3rd and ends Dec.19th, 2013.
We still have few slots for next Fall Term II, therefore, we have extended the deadline instead of Oct. 3rd to Oct. 12th, 13. This is an unprecedented time in Egypt and the ME, so hurry up!

Cost: $2772 USD for a total of 154 hours

Winter Short Term: Duration 4 weeks of 20 hours./wk Program
Program commences Jan.8th and ends Feb.4th, 2014.
Application deadline is Dec.8th, 2013

Cost: $1584 USD for a total of 88 hours

'Living Egypt' short tourist, historic, archaeological, political etc. language programs that are coordinated with different universities arrangements during or after Christmas Vacation in 1, 2 or 3 week duration are available. Deadline is Nov. 27th, 13.
Spring Term I: 7 week Program
Program commences Feb. 9th and ends March 27th, 2014
Application deadline is Jan.9th, 2014

Cost: $2772 USD for a total of 154 hours

Spring Term II: 7 week Program
Program commences March 30th and ends May 22nd, 2014
Application deadline is Feb. 30th, 2014

Cost: $2772 USD for a total of 154 hours

Combine two terms and get 10 % discount in the second term tuition fees. Come in a small group of at least three students and each will get 15% discount.
Hedayet’s New Language Trainings:

  • Islamic Studies Program: Fusha, Tajweed Al Qura’n, Sira, ‘Maqaasid al Shari’a’, Islamic Philosophy, jurisprudence and ‘Tafsir’ or interpretation of al Qur’an using CBI taught by filed scholars at prices as low as $7 per class hour. Heritage as well as interested non Muslim students, junior scholars and scholars are welcome. Professional instruction is provided to each level.
  • TAFL Short Training Workshop in the last week of Oct. 2013

Prices are as low as $10 USD per hour in all above programs for groups of 6 students and above affiliated with a specific university or organization.

Because Hedayet Institute is situated in Maadi, south of downtown Cairo proper & Tahrir Square, by more than 12 kms, it has been a very calm district even during past events. It can be reached by metro from the center in 20 mints.

Watch Islam & Politics on ground interaction in Egypt like nowhere and never before. Please apply online on our web site at: 

For more information on pls. contact administration at 

USA Vonage Telephone no.: +1646-2168-308
UK Vonage Telephone no.: +4420337-10141
Cairo Telefax: +12025270518


American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA) aims to facilitate communication and cooperation between teachers of Arabic and to promote study, criticism, research and instruction in the field of Arabic language pedagogy, Arabic linguistics and Arabic literature. 

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Members of the association are teachers of Arabic, Arabists, linguists, and literary scholars. Read more why you should become a member.



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