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The mission of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA) is to promote study, criticism, and research in the fields of Arabic language pedagogy, Arabic linguistics, and Arabic literature.  

AATA publishes Al-cArabiyya, the journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic.  It holds the AATA Annual Meeting, usually in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association (MESA).  And it maintains a website,, with a variety of resources for teachers and learners of Arabic. 

Please note.  As established by the Constitution of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA), all memberships begin on 01 January and end on 31 December.  If you join AATA at any point in the calendar year, your membership ends on 31 December of that year.  

Levels of AATA Membership:

AATA Regular (Individual) Membership:  

AATA Individual Membership is open to all, regardless of nationality or country of residence. AATA Individual Membership is $50 per year.  Benefits of AATA Individual Membership include:

  • A subscription to Al-cArabiyya, the journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic.  (Al-cArabiyya is published in one volume annually.)
  • Advance notification of AATA activities and opportunities.
  • The right to vote for members of the Executive Board and to vote at the AATA General Meeting.  

AATA Supporting Membership:

Become a Supporting Member of AATA by adding $25 or more to your annual membership payment, for a minimum total of $75.  AATA acknowledges the generosity of Supporting Members on the AATA website.

AATA Student Membership:

Student Membership in AATA is open to all students who are enrolled in an institution of higher learning and who intend to become professional teachers of Arabic. AATA Student Membership is $15 per year.  AATA Student Membership has all of the privileges of Individual Members, except the right to vote.

AATA Institutional Membership:

AATA Institutional Members support AATA activities while promoting their Arabic programs.  AATA Institutional Membership is $200.  Benefits of AATA Institutional Membership include:

  • AATA Certificates of Achievement for your students.
  • Prominent placement on the AATA website.
  • No charge for positions announcements that appear immediately on the AATA website and are published in the AATA Newsletter (regularly $50).
  • Free access to the AATA Mailing list, with over 300 members in the US and elsewhere (regularly $150)
  • A subscription to Al-cArabiyya, to be sent to a faculty members or designated office at your institution.

To join AATA:

> Download and mail the membership application, MS Word or download a PDF Application.
> Institutional Members, download a PDF Application, or download an MS Word Application.

To purchase AATA Publications, please follow this link.

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